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"At  Amesthai  Bodywork , we believe everyone should know that Thai massage originated over 2000 years ago in Thailand and is known to be the best in the world for stretching muscles and relieving pain due to misaligned tendons .
I am committed to ensuring that every time you visit , you are enjoying a caring and learning experience provided by a professional Thai Body worker . "
" Treat yourself with a total makeover of your body and spirit"
We understand how frustrating going to a massage parlor takes your time - travel time, waiting time – all sorts of time that you don’t have. Having you pampered should not be hectic it should be mobile! Simplify your life by having the best mobile massage come to your home, work, or just have a massage WHEREVER YOU ARE

The Benefits of Thai Massage

  1. To muscles, ligaments and fascia by relaxing muscle tension, relieving the spasm, and improving the range of motion.
  2. To cardio vascular system by dilating the blood vessels, so the circulation is increased. The body feels refreshed and reenergized.
  3. To nervous system, by stimulating the sensory nerves causing the central nervous system to respond better.
  4. To joints, stimulates the joint fluid, relaxes the ligament and tendon to improve movement.
  5. To body as a whole-healthier
  6. To mind and spiritual, relief stress, and create the sense of well being.

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